GAA Team meets Mr. Brainwash in New York. #NYCIsBeautiful

Global Art Agency News

BRAINWASHThe internationally famous, Academy Award nominated filmmaker and street artist, Mr. Brainwash, surprised our team at Global Art Agency with a personal invitation to come over to New York City and to cover a story on Mr. Brainwash latest mural.

“After the Tokyo International Art Fair and the recent Amsterdam International Art Fair we have been approached by many organisations that are focussed on street art. I guess we have been very successful with promoting this concept in our art fairs, making it possible for street artists to sell their work at our events” said GAA Director Natal Vallve.

Mr. Brainwash and Century 21 PR team wrote to GAA with a personal invitation to come and see him and his team in action creating the #NYCisBeautiful mural, meeting him and to have an exclusive interview with him.

So excitedly we put our best guys on the case to fly to…

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