Global Art Agency

In 2011 Joelle Founded The Global Art Agency.

GLOBAL ART AGENCY organise curated art fairs around the globe, representing artists and galleries worldwide. Working together with qualified art partners and sponsors around the globe enables GAA to make unique connections within the art community on an international level.

“We are very passionate about art and believe that art should be exposed in spectacular venues, which are in line with the Contemporary art our selected artists show. We work together with artists and art collectors to choose the right showcase locations. Premium, interesting and spectacular places that will give extra charm to the artworks displayed and will make each art exhibition special, elegant and leave a lasting memory. A successful art event for visitor and exhibitor means the world to us, and the testimonials from them make us work even harder for bigger and better showcases time and time again.”

“It has been my second time participating on the Barcelona International Art Fair, and I as the first time I was really happy to be a part of such a great show… really , exhibit in the Casa Batlló of Gaudi what an honour! And the team is really great and nice! I am looking forward for my 3rd time!!!” – Célia Bai Lambert, Artist

“I have to say it was a great Art Fair in Amsterdam, the show has given me a new insight into exhibiting as it was my first in Europe so I thank you for that. I would definitely like to keep in touch with you. Great to be apart of the Amsterdam show had really great feedback and really professionally organised it would be a pleasure to be a part of the next showcase.” – Rohan Samuel, UK.

Check out all upcoming Art Fairs by Global Art Agency Here.

Global Art Agency Joelle Dinnage

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